Latham Sandler

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Saddler graduated from the University of Georgia, where he was student body president, with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. He received Master’s degrees from the University of Maryland and Georgia Institute of Technology, becoming fluent in Persian-Farsi and Dari. He served as a Navy SEAL officer for eight years, deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. Saddler also worked as a Professional Sales Specialist at IBM. During the Trump administration, he served as Director of Intelligence Programs on the National Security Council. He also served as a White House Fellow, working on criminal justice reform through the First Step Act, and worked as a term member for the Council on Foreign Relations. When Saddler left government, he worked as Chief of Staff in the Office of Chairman and CEO at Synovus Financial Corporation. He serves on the Board of Governors for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and as an Advisory Board Member for the Partnership for Inclusive Innovation.

Key Issues

National Security

Saddler supports strengthening America’s defense, maintaining U.S. military bases in Georgia. Saddler supports combating China’s economic rise citing national security concerns developing from the growing U.S debt to China. He is on record as against a no-fly zone in Ukraine.


Saddler supports a physical and technological wall on the Southern border and wants to advance the border patrol’s intelligence capabilities. 


Saddler supports lower taxes, fewer regulations, and reduced government spending. He was against the federal coronavirus stimulus measure and against the bipartisan infrastructure bill.


Saddler supports the 2nd Amendment.


Saddler is against abortion.


Saddler supports Georgia’s election reforms in Senate Bill 202. He would not have objected to the Electoral College Certification of President Biden’s victory, but is unsure of whether President Biden received 81 million votes.


Atlanta Journal Constitution