Laura Metcalfe

Key Facts


Metcalfe holds a BA in Organizational Communication and Management from Arizona State University, a Master of Education and a Doctorate of Education, both in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University [1]. She has held educational positions, including Career and Technical Education Director, High School Principal, Special Education Director, Public Information Officer, Clinical Education Supervisor, and High School Business Teacher. Metcalfe is a grant writer, State and Federal Programs Director, and Early College and Outreach Programs Director. She has been a member of the Adjunct Education Faculty and the Adjunct Business Faculty

Metcalfe has been involved in many community service positions, including serving as a Board Member for ROSAmerica and Mesa Preservation Foundation. She was also a public speaker and conducted outreach for the VOICES for Casa Children in Phoenix, a court-appointed special advisor for foster youth, and a member of the Arizona School Administrators, and International Council of Professors of Education Leadership. She was previously on the School Improvement Advisory Council for Mountain View High School and was a Governing Board Member for the San Tan Credit Union and East Valley Arabian Horse Association. Additionally, Metcalfe was a chairperson for the Mesa Historic Preservation Board and the Design Advisory Panel for Mesa Public Schools [3].

Key Issues


Metcalfe believes that the 2020 election results were certified across the country, and the courts further proved the fairness and legality of the election.


Metcalfe wants to provide trade industries with more qualified employees to work in areas, such as nursing, automotive repair, construction, and others. She hopes to create a feedback loop between educational opportunities and qualified employees


Metcalfe wants to provide more trainers within their areas to earn credentials to teach at EVIT, working with local colleges and universities to provide occupational and graduate-level certification programs in EVIT content areas. Metcalfe has presented a Three-Part Solution to meet the need for qualified teachers for the East Valley Institute of Technology. First, she wants to create partnerships with trade organizations that offer apprenticeship programs and other training opportunities should be established. Then, she wants to expand programs with local colleges and universities. And finally, she wants to further teacher retention efforts. 


Metcalfe wants to maintain existing policies and procedures regarding vulnerable groups including LGBTQIA+ students.


Metcalfe opposes expanding school vouchers.


Metcalfe wants to allocate budgets for maintenance and improvements. She hopes to work with the Arizona School Boards Association, trade organizations, and other entities to communicate a clear message to lawmakers to provide sufficient facilities funding.


Arizona List; Arizona Education Association; Jenn Duff, Mesa Vice Mayor; Linda Thor, Maricopa County Community College District Governing Board Member; Kathy Hoffman, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction; Kelli Butler, Arizona House of Representatives (LD 28)


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