Laura Smith

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status: Challenger


Laura Smith has five professional degrees in Business and is working towards her law degree. She has previously worked in the manufacturing, aerospace, accounting, automotive, retail, and hospitality industries. Smith values community and public service, and in 2010 she was awarded the Meritorious Service Award by her community. In 2018, she ran as a write-in candidate for governor of California. 
Smith grew up in Alta Loma in Southern California and moved at age 12 to Mariposa in the Central Valley. 

Key Issues


Smith wants to decrease crime in California by enacting stricter sentencing for crimes such as bribery, money-laundering, illegal favors, and embezzlement. She also wants to address human trafficking.  


Smith wants to improve K-12 education in California by revamping curriculums, increasing resources for educators, and investigating publicly funded universities and colleges for fraud. She believes schools should prepare students to attend college or enter the workforce by emphasizing math, science, reading comprehension, English, music, arts, and ROP trades.  


Smith wants to address government corruption by instituting term limits for all office-holding representatives, requiring that representatives have the same healthcare available to the general public, and decreasing representatives’ pay


Smith wants to address homelessness through employment assistance programs in partnership with local businesses and short-term assistance for working individuals. 


Smith is concerned about water infrastructure in California. She supports upgrading water facilities, lessening water restrictions, and improving water quality state-wide.


Smith wants to support and promote small businesses by decreasing government regulations. She supports sustainable, cost-effective job growth projects to aid the California economy.

Voting Rights

Smith is concerned about voter fraud and supports eliminating automatic voter registration through the DMV. She supports investigating current registered voters to search for individuals who are registered illegally. 


Smith supports the 2nd Amendment and plans to repeal laws restricting gun use and ownership


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