Leanne Greenberg

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Leanne Greenberg graduated with a MA in Special Education at Michigan State University and M.Ed. in Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of Cincinnati. Currently, Greenberg is a Behavior Intervention Specialist at Phoenix Elementary School District and Alumni Advisory Committee Member at Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women [6]. She has previously worked with the Arizona Education Association as a special education teacher, instructional coach, and union organizer. Greenberg also served as the President of the Phoenix Elementary Classroom Teachers Association and Superintendent Teacher Advisory Team under Maricopa County Superintendent Steve Watson [1].

Key Issues


Greenberg wants to ensure schools are inclusive, especially accounting for special needs children. She supports education in social-emotional learning, critical race theory, LGBTQ+ inclusion, and equity issues [1, 7, 8]. 


Greenberg supports advancing LGBTQ+ rights in communities [8]. She wants to create community schools that support the needs of parents and students simultaneously [7]. Lastly, Greenberg wants to create relationships and advance the voices of educators, bus drivers, teachers, etc in the decision-making process[1]. 


Greenberg wants to institute safety plans to protect educators and students [7].


Greenberg supports funding to recruit and retain high-quality staff, to increase educators’ paychecks, and to address all the issues schools in Arizona face. She believes in placing accountability measures for charter and home schools while fully funding public education [1, 7].


AZ NOW PAC; Save Our Schools Arizona; Planned Parenthood; Osborn Education Association


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