Leticia Remauro

Key Facts

Party Conservative
Status Challenager


Remauro has served Staten Island for more than 30 years and is trained in business affairs, emergency management, and cultural diversity. Remauro served as Community Liaison for former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and as a community liaison and Vice President of the Battery Park City Authority under former Governor George Pataki. Remauro is currently the President and CEO of The Von Agency, Public Relations, Inc., and is Secretary of the Bayview Community Council, the Staten Island Downtown Alliance, and the Newark Liberty International Airport Community Round-table. Remauro was previously the Chair of Staten Island Community Board 1, was a member of many community organizations and has received multiple awards for her service. Recently, Remauro has received criticism for comparing coronavirus restriction policies to those of Adolf Hitler.

Key Issues

Public Safety

Remauro wants to ensure that the budget for the police department is kept robust and wants to expand the list of crimes that are eligible for cash bail to reduce recidivism. Remauro supports having a well funded, well trained, and well equipped police department and believes the police and police unions are important voices in policymaking.


Remauro supports a comprehensive, island-wide zoning analysis with the goal of preserving neighborhoods and providing the foundation for property values to increase. Remauro wants to reduce tragic congestion, stabilize property values, and help stem the rise of property taxes.

Environmental Reform/Climate Change

Remauro will mandate environmentally friendly building components for any development needing a variance or Board of Standards and Appeals approval.


Remauro wants to create more vocational high schools that will teach practical and trade skills that can be used for government and private sector jobs, which can be enhanced by partnering with private and municipal unions that can provide apprenticeships. Remauro also wants schools to focus more on basic skills and wants to ensure that special needs students receive proper skill services. Remauro also wants to provide more support to specialized, charter, and parochial schools and yeshivas.


Remauro supports the use of Smart Light technology in Staten Island, which would use computerized systems to sense traffic in real time and change the timing of traffic lights to keep traffic flowing along major thoroughfares. Renauro also supports a pedestrian walkway and bike-way over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, a dedicated bus lane along Bay Steet and Richmond Terrace going over the Goethals Bridge in each direction, and NYC Ferry service from the East and South Shore.


New York 10-13 Association Brooklyn & Staten Island, Inc., National Association of Bail Agents, former Commissioner of the New York Police Department Bernard Kerik, radio hosts Sid Rosenberg & Bernard McGuirk, Conservative Party of Staten Island, New York League of Conservation Voters, and businessman John Catsimatidis.