Lewis Guyn

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Lewis Guyn earned a B.S from Chapman University and earned an M.B.A. from Chapman University as well [1].  Guyn is currently a systems optimization consultant for Swift Transportation [2]. He is an Air Force veteran and, upon discharge, worked in the engineering field. He served on his HOA board as the treasurer upon moving to Surprise and has been elected as the current president of his HOA board [1].

Key Issues


Guyn states that the city must manage its finances through a balanced budget process and a multi-year capital improvement budget process. To increase the city’s finances and budget, he is opposed to raising the tax rate but in favor of increasing property value to increase tax revenue [4]. 


As Surprise grows, Guyn plans to support the business community by having adequate space zoned for the supporting commercial needs for development, as well as ensure that there are no unnecessary delays in the approval of businesses [1].


Lewis Guyn wants to ensure that Surprise is not lacking in infrastructure in order to support development. Guyn wants to invest in roads [3]. He also wants to expand parks, recreation and open spaces and ensure adequate funding for existing infrastructure maintenance [1].

Public Safety

Guyn plans to have a strong public safety posture and grow and expand the police, fire, and medical facilities. He hopes to have adequate response times for service [1].


Guyn wants more community events like concerts and other entertainment to be available. He also plans to increase the quantity of recreational facilities, such as aquatic and golf facilities, in order to increase quality of life [4].


Guyn believes Surprise should develop suitable housing for new families that is affordable. He wants to find ways of financing projects that will protect property value while providing quality living space [4].


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