Linda Lukacs

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Linda Lukacs received a DDS from the NYU College of Dentistry and a BS in Nursing from Cleveland State University. Lukacs has worked as a Professor of Dental Hygiene at Southwestern Community College in San Diego, CA since 2001 and as a Consultant for Oradontix since 2018. She has also worked as a Realtor for Realty Executives Pacific Gold in Solana Beach, CA since 2012 [7]. She holds professional licenses in dentistry, nursing, real estate [2].

Key Issues


Lukacs supports carbon-neutral and decarbonization efforts paired with reliable renewable energy sources. She wants to increase the walkability and bikeability of San Diego, expand access to affordable and efficient public transportation, and decrease commutes by incentivizing businesses to offer hybrid work schedules [1].


Lukacs wants to decrease housing costs by restructuring regulatory measures, decreasing fees, restoring and improving infrastructure, and investing in new construction projects. She supports promoting homeownership through legislation that favors occupancy ownership over investor ownership [1]. 


Lukacs wants to address homelessness by providing both shelter and mental health and addiction treatment services. She supports detainment or conservatorship for individuals who are a threat to themselves or others, or who refuse services [2]. 


Lukacs wants to fund infrastructure improvement and restoration projects through tax-free bond measures supported by and benefitting city residents [1]. She supports the Midway Development Plan but first wants to address water, electrical, and roadway infrastructure issues in the area [2].

Public Safety

Lukacs wants to increase funding for the SDPD, promote stricter enforcement of laws, and ensure that state and city policies on crime align [1]. She supports bringing back community substations and neighborhood surveillance [2]. 

Law Enforcement

Lukacs wants to increase the SDPD budget to address increased cost of living and staffing challenges, and support ongoing threat and crisis management training [1].


Lukacs wants to prevent wasteful spending, and invest in social services, infrastructure upgrades, and housing to alleviate homelessness [1]. She does not support raising taxes [9].


Lukacs opposes street vendors, and wants to promote local businesses through ordinances that limit and regulate street vendors. She wants to increase and enforce regulations on short term vacation rentals (STVR), such as fines and revocation of the right to operate and STVR [2]. 


Lukacs wants to ensure all communities have access to baseline funding to promote equity in services, education, and infrastructure. She supports providing equitable opportunities for economic growth, tourism, and quality of life [1]. 


Lincoln Club of San Diego; Kevin Faulconer, Former San Diego Mayor; Lorie Zapf, Former San Diego City Councilmember for District 2


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