Linda Worrell Deans

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Linda Worrell Deans has a PhD in urban studies from Old Dominion University and currently works as an educational consultant. She has been a teacher in public schools in North Carolina and Virginia, an adjunct professor in colleges, a dean of students, assistant principal, principal, pupil accountability officer, a director of education, a curriculum writer, a superintendent, a special education teacher, and the director of the Langley Research Center STEM Program. She has two doctoral fellowships and was awarded a North Carolina Governor’s Award of Excellence [1, 2, 8].

Key Issues


Deans wants to create clear methods of communication between stakeholders, encourage feedback, and make sure everyone is heard [1].


Deans wants to resolve inequities in the system, such as those concerning advanced courses and STEM programs. She wants personalized learning opportunities for every student [1]. She does not support the January 2023 version of the History and Social Science Standards of Learning [5]. Deans wants to expand a pilot program for field trips sponsored by the Loudoun Freedom Center [6].

Parental Involvement

Deans wants to keep parents involved in their children’s education via parent-teacher conferences, community events, and parent-led opportunities; additionally, she wants to ensure parents have the resources to advocate for their children’s education [1].


Deans wants to have a diverse spread of teachers, administrators, and staff through targeted recruitment and retention actions and ongoing professional development opportunities [1].


Loudoun County Democratic Committee


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