Lindsay Gottorff

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status challenger


Gottorff is a longtime resident of Erie County, graduating from Lake Shore Central. Gottorff would later work attend the University at Buffalo and receive a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in social work. She has since worked as a social worker.

Key Issues


To combat the tax burden home owners suffer due to land rezoning, Gottorff will work to expand business development opportunities through better investments, rezoning and marketing.


For the Sturgeon Point Marina, Gottorff as a Councilwoman will work to it fully operational during boating season by working to fix repairs, and working to keep the marina run as smoothly as possible. Gottorff will also work to improve beaches/parks, implement a Local Waterfront Revitalization Program, and promote Evans more for tourists.

Environmental Reform/Climate Change

As a Councilwoman, Gottorff will work to protect waterfront properties and places such as Lake Erie and Sturgeon Point Marina.


Gottorff is very much in favor of unions and as a Councilwoman will work to fight for the rights of union members.

As a Councilwoman, Gottorff will work to increase the amount of Councilmembers from 3 to 5 in efforts of increasing the time spent on federal grant projects like the Shoreline Trail.