Lindsey Horvath

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Lindsey Horvath graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor’s in Political Science and Gender Studies. Horvath then began working in entertainment advertising in LA. In 2009, she joined the West Hollywood City Council as a Councilmember and has previously served as the city’s Interim Mayor [4]. Horvath has been the owner of her entertainment marketing company, LPH, since 2014 [8]. 
Throughout her time in public service, Horvath has served as a Transportation Commissioner, a Global Coordinator for One Billion Rising, a member of the West Hollywood Women’s Advisory Board, a board member of the Victory Fund, among other roles. Horvath is a founding member of the NOH8 Campaign, National Organization for Women (Hollywood Chapter), the Clean Power Alliance of Southern CA, and West Hollywood’s “aging-in-place” policies [4]. Horvath was the Vice President of Communication of NationBuilder and the Marketing Advertising Specialist of Leroy & Rose. She was the Vice President of Canyon Design Group and bpg [8].

Key Issues


Horvath believes in an intersectional approach to addressing homelessness: housing, services, and community safety. She supports expanding mental health services and behavioral health response teams for people experiencing homelessness, and requested a dedicated Mental Evaluation Team (MET) for the city during her time as Interim Mayor. She thinks it is important to invest in solutions that address the root causes of homelessness and meet people where they are in their personal situations [1]. Horvath is a supporter of inclusionary and transit-oriented housing. In the past, she has collaborated with nonprofits including the West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation & the LA LGBT Center to help expand affordable housing for low-income adults, veterans, LGBTQ youth, etc. She wants to push for increased protections for communities of color in terms of fair housing and anti-redlining. Horvath is an advocate for renter assistance, including free counseling and funding that helps renters stay in housing they can afford [7].


Horvath is a supporter of net-zero/zero-carbon policy goals in LA and surrounding counties. She wants to expand housing development that centers around elevated sustainability standards (ex: decarbonizing buildings, sustainable construction, etc.) She also supports a mindful transition away from fossil fuels, which includes “properly decommissioning defunct oil wells”[1]. During Horvath’s time as Councilmember, she was involved in the creation of a partnership to help property owners pursue solar, the adoption of a composting program, the hiring of a Senior Sustainability Planner, and more [3].


Horvath is a supporter of the Sepulveda Pass and Crenshaw Northern Extension connection projects and the LA Community College District’s dedication to providing free transportation [1]. She wants to see physical and financial barriers to public ridership decreased. Horvath is an advocate for all-electric municipal fleet conversion, and has been a supporter of expanding electric vehicle charging infrastructure. She wants to see communities in LA and neighboring cities utilizing clean energy alternatives [2]. 


Public Safety

As Supervisor, Horvath wants to reevaluate the County Budget to potentially reallocate funds according to community safety needs. She also believes that the County needs to revisit responsibilities that fall on law enforcement officers and stray away from asking deputies and officers to perform tasks they are not uniquely trained to handle [1,7].


Horvath supports hotel workers fighting for fair pay, reasonable hours, and sexual assault protections. She also supports an increased minimum wage and paid-leave protection. Horvath is an advocate for reasonable working conditions, ability to join unions, collective bargaining, and ordinances that hold local employers accountable for treating their employees fairly [1]. 


Horvath supports the VISION Act and supports the Keep ICE out of California Coalition [9].


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