Lisa A. Zargarpur

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Lisa Zargarpur received a bachelors of music from George Mason University in music education and flute performance in 1992 and went on to receive an MA in flute performance from George Mason University, in 2005 as well as a masters of education from the University of Mary Washington in 2013. Zargarpur is currently continuing her education at the University of Virginia through a doctoral program [3].

Zargarpur raised three children through the Prince William County public school system. Zargarpur has substituted at various Prince William County schools from grades pre-K to 12, and currently works as a general music specialist in Fairfax County Public Schools so as not to conflict with her commitment on the PWC school board, which she has served on since 2019 as the Coles District representative [1, 4].
Zargarpur’s previous accomplishments on the PWC school board include the hiring of new superintendent Dr. LaTanya McDade while serving as vice chair, and the creation of the PWCS Vision 2025 Launching Thriving Futures Strategic Plan [1, 2].

Key Issues


Zargarpur wants to improve on student success by incorporating parents and guardians into the school system through Principal Advisory Councils and an increase in community engagement, as well as the inclusion of parent liaisons at every school in the county. Zargarpur also wants to create a more transparent, strategic approach to school improvement and promote community partnerships that offer students support [1].

School Safety

Zargarpur wants to improve the safety of schools in Prince William County through an increase in the strength of security personnel and the revision of school safety practices. Zargarpur also wants to promote new initiatives such as AI scanners in middle and high school and increased disciplinary processes to address bullying, and wants to continue her work on the Safe Schools Advisory Council to accomplish this [1].


Democratic Party of Prince William County; International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers; Babur Lateef, Chairman-at-Large of the Prince William County School Board; NPE Action 


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