Lisa Gillmor

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Lia Gillmor is a fourth-generation resident of Santa Clara and the city’s current mayor [1]. Lisa Gillmor gained her Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Political Science from the University of Southern California [6]. Gillmor is the vice president of real estate company Gillmor and Associates [2]. 

Gillmor also served two stretches on the Santa Clara City Council [6].

Key Issues


Gillmor supports the creation of a small business assistance grant program for COVID-19 impacts [1]. 

Gillmor supports the creation of more jobs at Westfield Valley Fair mall and supports the Worker Cooperative Initiative for Santa Clara businesses [1].


Gillmor supports working with the Salvation Army and Second Harvest Food Bank to distribute goods. She also supports the Senior Nutrition Program for Santa Clara seniors. She also supports partnerships with the Santa Clara Unified School District [1].

Public Safety

Gillmor hopes to maintain the name of Santa Clara as one of the top 25 Safest Cities in America [1].


Gillmor supports the creation of new housing along with maintaining the quality of life in Santa Clara [1].


Gillmor wants to improve bicycle and pedestrian routes. She also supports the Bicycle Master Plan to make it safer for cyclists in Santa Clara [1].


Ro Khanna: US Representative California 17th District; Jamie McLeod Skinner: Santa Clara City Councilmember (Ret.); Pat Nikolai: Santa Clara Chief of Police; Terese O’Neill: Santa Clara Councilmember (Ret.); Kathy Watanabe: Santa Clara City Councilmember; Evelen Chua: Milpitas City Councilmember; Nancy Biagini: Santa Clara Planning Commissioner; Debie tTryforos: Santa Clara Library Board Trustee Member; Lee Broughnan: Santa Clara Library Board Trustee Member;  Dana Caldwell: Parks and Recreation Commion City of Santa LCara, Vice Chairman; Stete Silva: Santa Clara COVID-19 Hero of the Year; Debra von Huene: Santa Clara, Cultural Commissioner; Karal Watanabe: Board of Trustees at West Valley-Mission Community College District; Diana WP Ding: Founder, Ding Ding TV Silicon Valley Community Media; Darcy Paul: Mayor of Cupertino: Kawser Jamal: Founder, Chairman and CEO at Ascend Group of Companies/ President Bangladeshi American Democratic Coalition; Howard Myers: Santa Clara Neighborhood Advocate; Liz Gibbons, City of Campbell Council Member:  Yan Zhao: City of Saratoga Council Member; Teresa Keng: City of Fremont Vice Mayor; Yang Shao: Council Member; Burt Field: Santa Clara Parks and Recreation Commissioner; Dorothy Rosa: Santa Claran of the Year Award Winner; Carmen Montano: Milpitas Vice Mayor; Tony Spitaleri: City of Sunnyvale Council Member; Michelle Profitt; David Profitt; Rene Coleman; Robert Mezzetti, Sr.l Kathy Hatcher; Andres Ochoa; Diego Ochoa; Carrie Amaya; Nikki Bumgarner; Richard Bonito; David Goldfinger; Donna Schober; Terry Schober; Chuck Blair; Honorable Rod Diridon, Sr.; Jill Parks; Elizabeth Parks; Keith Parks; Ginger Wilson; Kayleigh Watanabe; Chloe Cacoyannis; Zachary Cacoyannis; Kyle Cacoyannis; Brian Doyle; Theresa Samuel Boko; Kathy Hatcher; Kirk Vartan; Marguerite Lee; Butch Coyne; Beverly Silva; Vanessa Gillmor; David Gillmor; Bob Hu; Hannah Chung ; Brittany Puccinelli;  Joe Puccinelli; Maru Baeza; Jose Ochoa; Bev Silva; Mattie; Hrncir; Milan Hrncir; Evangelia Theologides; Nicholas Adams; John Hairston; Mike Walke; Leslie Kloes


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