Lorraine Joewono

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


The current Executive Director at the Bergen County Division of Senior Services, Lorraine Joewono has been involved in city services and programs for decades [1]. Leading the Meals on Wheels Program during the coronavirus pandemic, Joewono coordinated meals for 72 towns. A Carlstadt resident for up to 40 years, Joewono has also worked as a city councilwoman and Board of Education President [1]. 

Over the past few decades, Joewono has taken up philanthropic and service-based positions including as the Carlstadt Woman’s Club and 8th District President District Performing Arts Chairman [4]. Likewise, she’s received many awards over the years including the 1994 Bergen County’s Volunteer of the Year, a 2004 Women in Action award, and a 2013 Women’s History Month Humanitarian Award [4]. More recently, in 2022, Lorraine was inducted into the Democratic Committee of Bergen County Hall of Fame [4].

Working with the Bergen County National Council of Jewish Women, Joewono participated in the ‘Plight of Older LGBTQ+ adults’ conference [5]. Joewono has also directed her Senior Services Division to provide opportunities for older LGBTQ+ residents across Bergen County. 

Key Issues


Joewono believes a Democrat on the Carlstadt city council would bring greater transparency to the currently entirely Republican mayor and council. Joewono believes that Carlstadt will become more responsible with “groups of varied opinions” working together to better constituents [1]. 


Joewono believes hiring and promoting protocols must be established for the city government to create accountability and efficiency. With tax dollars, Joewono believes a structured hiring process will lower upfront costs for Carlstadt [1]. 


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