Lourin Hubbard

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status: Challenger


Lourin Hubbard graduated from Fresno State University with a bachelor’s degree in political science. Hubbard is an operations manager and racial equity officer for the Central Valley Water Quality Control Board and previously worked for the Fresno County Department of Social Services. While working with social services, he connected low-income individuals with community-based resources and government assistance programs.

Hubbard was raised in the Central Valley by a single mother and became the first person in his family to attend college. He lives in Fresno with his wife and two young daughters.

Key Issues


Hubbard wants to expand access to quality education at all levels. He supports increased funding for public schools, ending the school to prison pipeline, canceling student debt, and decreasing financial barriers for higher education. 


Hubbard wants to expand healthcare access using a single-payer universal healthcare model. He supports reducing prescription drug prices, expanding mental health services and post-natal care, eliminating medical debt, and protecting reproductive rights. 

Immigration Reform

Hubbard wants to reform current immigration policies and increase protections for immigrants. He supports abolishing ICE, restoring refugee protections, protecting DREAMers, and addressing the root causes of immigration form Central America


Hubbard wants to support small and medium-sized family farms in the Central Valley. He supports promoting sustainable agricultural practices through financial assistance and incentives, increasing access to distribution markets for family farms, and expanding SNAP benefits to include organic products. 


Hubbard wants to address climate change, as well as environmental issues in the Central Valley such as air and water pollution. He supports investing in renewable energy, holding chronic polluters accountable, ensuring a just transition for fossil fuel workers, and funding environmental justice efforts. 

Childcare and Paid Family Leave

Hubbard wants to make childcare accessible and affordable. He supports a national paid family leave program, incentivizing employers to provide parental leave and child care, and passing fair scheduling legislation. 


Hubbard supports a federal jobs guarantee that would place people in union jobs with a living wage. 


Hubbard wants to improve infrastructure such as highways, freeways, and water systems. He supports upgrading infrastructure to meet carbon-free standards.

Opioid Crisis

Hubbard wants to address the opioid crisis by approaching and framing addiction as a medical condition. He supports increasing the number of substance abuse treatment providers, decriminalizing and legalizing cannabis, and holding pharmaceutical companies accountable.  

Affordable Housing

Hubbard wants to increase access to affordable housing and address homelessness. He supports increasing funding for transitional housing, mental health and substance abuse resources, social services, and job training resources, as well as protecting disabled and elderly individuals from unnecessary institutionalization. 



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