Lucas Kunce

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Label Challenger


Kunce served as a marine officer for 13 years completing tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. After which he represented the United States in arms control negotiations in Europe. Then he joined the American Economic Liberties Project which is a non-profit organization that advocates for corporate accountability legislation and aggressive enforcement of antitrust regulations.

Key Issues

Monopolies and anti-trust legislature

Kunce is relentlessly anti-monopolistioc. He has the view that the monopolies “control our lives, squeeze normal people out of commerce, and enrich Wall Street at the expense of Main Street.” As aforementioned he is a part of the¬†American Economic Liberties Project, which takes on “pharmaceutical cartels, defense prime contractors, agri-business monopolies, and big tech.”

PAC (political action committees)

Kunce is in favor of banning all corporate PAC’s, and restricting family members of U.S. Senators and Representatives from working as lobbyists. He believes that corporate PAC’s buys off political candidates and then the leaders will install corprate judges interpret the law on behalf of big corporations instead of workers and small businesses.


Progressive Change Campaign Committee