Luis Rivera

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Rivera graduated from Thomas Nelson Community College with an associate’s degree in business administration in 2018 and Christopher Newport University with a bachelor’s degree in political science in 2021. Rivera has started a number of businesses, including a janitorial cleaning company, a clothing brand, and numerous e-commerce firms. He also published three mobile game apps. Recently, Rivera learned to code a crypto token on the Smart Chain finance network. He currently owns Saber Empire LLC.

Rivera was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Miami at the age of six. If elected, Rivera would become the youngest member of Congress at 24. In the 2020 presidential election, Rivera supported Andrew Yang and created a video game to help generate money for Yang.

Key Issues


Rivera supports setting term limits for Congressional seats and the Supreme Court, banning lobbyists, and implementing an independent redistricting commission, which he says will reduce corruption. Rivera also wants to ban former members of Congress and regulatory agencies from working in lobbying. Rivera seeks to establish a Citizen’s Portal, which Rivera claims will allow Americans to access and apply for benefits, see tax information, renew licenses, fill out a census, register to vote, and get important updates on events in Congress.


Rivera looks to establish universal health coverage and believes healthcare is a human right.


Rivera wants to strengthen America’s education systems by increasing teacher pay. He also seeks to establish 14 years of free public education.


Rivera supports reducing inflation and combating automation. He wants to end homelessness by building infrastructure that can address homelessness and help incorporate homeless individuals who are mentally ill or substance abusers back into society. Rivera supports protecting the shipyard in his district and protecting Social Security and Medicare. Rivera supports universal basic income, in which the government provides all citizens a guaranteed base level of cash.


Rivera supports government investment into artificial intelligence and is against government regulations related to the decentralization of cryptocurrency. He also wants to improve innovation in the digital asset space, create a digital Bill of Rights, and establish a Department of Technology.

Criminal Justice

Rivera supports ending private prisons and investing in vulnerable members of society.


Alexis E., Nurse; Alondra R., Student; Jake P., Shipyard Employee; Teygan C., Teacher; Carla B., writer; Wayne. S, Delivery Driver; Norbert R., Salesman; Joel P., Shipyard Employee


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