Luke W. Priddy

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Luke W. Priddy is currently the Chief of Staff for Virginia Senator John Edwards, D-Roanoke. He is Chairman of the Roanoke City Democratic Committee and Roanoke City Park and Recreation Advisory Board [5].

Key Issues


Priddy believes the car tax rebate should have applied to every car [1].


Priddy wants to invest in Roanoke and the region [5]. He plans on supporting the arts through grants and efforts like the Roanoke Cultural Endowment. Additionally, he wants to provide small and diverse businesses with necessary knowledge and tools to get started and expand services [1].


Priddy supports implementing renewable energy like solar and sustainable innovations like biogas [1].


Priddy plans to administer a land bank to convert blighted properties into affordable housing for residents and temporary housing for people experiencing homelessness. He supports subsidies, loans, and down-payment assistance programs to increase the homeownership rate [1].


Priddy plans to increase access and trust for city services such as trash pickup, grass cutting, and buses. He hopes to address issues with parking and towing, as well as with the city worker shortage. Priddy also supports building additional transportation options such as passenger rail and expanding the Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport [1, 5].

Law Enforcement

Priddy promotes raises in starting salaries for law enforcement, as well as recruitment and retention strategies and the enforcement of statewide police conduct standards [1].

Public Safety

Priddy advocates for road safety and gun safety, planning to increase traffic patrols without racial disparity in enforcement and continue to keep firearms out of municipal buildings, parks, recreation centers, and schools. He supports implementation of an intervention and prevention framework to target the root causes of violence [1].


Priddy values transparency [1].


Roanoke City Democratic Committee, LAURA PAC


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