Lynn Forkell Greene

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Greene graduated from George Mason University and is a teacher for Manassas City Public Schools. Currently, Greene is a C-Suite administrative professional. Greene has served as Chair of the Keep Manassas Beautiful Advisory Committee and as Vice-Chair for the Parks and Recreation Committee. In 2021, Greene was elected to the City Council, replacing Mayor Michelle Davis Younger’s seat [2, 3, 5].  
Greene has been associated with the Republican party [4].

Key Issues


Greene believes in low taxes and supports small businesses [5].


Greene hopes to remove wasteful spending from the city’s budget [5].


Greene has advocated for initiatives to increase communication between the city and its people, such as through increased bilingual communication and an increased online platform for the city. Furthermore, Greene has raised concern about the amount of closed sessions the City Board has had and advocated for increased televisation of board sessions [5].


Greene supports preserving greenspaces. Furthermore, Greene has opposed previous actions such as the sale of the Greater Manassas Baseball League’s E.G. Smith Complex to a private corporation [3, 5].


Greene believes in collaborating with the School Board to solve public school issues [5].


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