M. Griffin

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election


M. Griffin, otherwise known as ‘Griff’, graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in Sociology and History [1, 3]. Griff is a local political advocate and community leader, running for at-large positions on city council 11 times since 1993 [4]. He is the former owner of the Montrose sports bar called “Griff’s”. Since then, he has become a private investigator and business consultant. In 1999, he organized the first crime out program in Montrose, where he was able to reduce crime by 22 percent. In the year 2000, he introduced the 311 hotline which allowed Houston residents to call for assistance with potholes, streetlights, and flooding [2].

Key Issues

Public Safety

M. Griffin believes that crime is the largest concern for citizens and plans to focus on reducing crime, specifically fentanyl deaths [2].


 In 2000, M. Griffin created the 311 help hotline for targeting potholes, streetlights, and flooding. He wants to reduce the amount of time it takes to fix infrastructural issues in the Houston community [2].


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