M.J. Khan

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election


Khan graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Sind University in Hyderabad, Pakistan. He then went on to earn his Bachelor of Engineering from Karachi University, his Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and his Masters of Business Administration from Rice University. Khan was elected to be a Councilman on the Houston City Council for three terms [1, 2, 4]. During his time on the Council, Khan served as a part of various different committees: Budget and Fiscal Affairs, Housing and Community Development, Public Safety and Homeland Security, and more. Khan is also involved in various boards across the City of Houston such as: the American Society of Civil Engineers, Texas Asia Society Advisory Board, and the Small Business Advisory Board [1, 2].

Key Issues


Khan would like to add funding for 500 more officers for the Houston Police Department. Khan would also like to allocate more resources towards new equipment for first responders to be sure that they are doing their job to the best of their abilities. He would also like to hire leadership in the police force that puts the Houston community first [1, 2, 3].


 Khan hopes to make significant investments into public work projects like public transit and water pipelines. Khan would also like to streamline and optimize the administrative portion of the City of Houston’s infrastructure in order to enhance fiscal responsibility [1, 2, 3].


Khan would like to create more jobs by diversifying business interests for both small businesses and large corporations, attracting more STEM-based businesses to the Houston area. Khan would like to incentivize companies that are increasing city revenue [1, 2, 3].


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