Maggie Goldman

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Maggie Goldman earned a B.S. in Political Science from Trinity University and a master’s in School Counseling from Assumption College. She is a realtor and owner of Buy & Sell Differently, a real estate business. Goldman has participated in Fulton County Commissioner Chairman Robb Pitts’ Homestead Exemption Task Force. She is the treasurer of the North Fulton chapter of the Georgia NAACP and a volunteer to encourage voter participation through organizations such as the Fulton County Democratic Party and Georgia Postcard Project. Goldman is also a board member of Family Promise, a homeless-serving organization [1].

Key Issues


Goldman supports providing additional funding to Fulton elections to prevent the state from taking over local elections. She wants to fully fund staffing for Fulton polling place accountability [2].


Goldman believes in developing policies based on input from District 1 residents including diverse communities such as black, Latino, Asian American, and Pacific Islander groups [1].


Goldman advocates for providing services enabling extended hotel stays and rehousing funds to assist families unable to afford Fulton housing. She also wants to ensure accurate property assessments [1].


Goldman wants to make tax appeal and property tax payment processes more readily accessible and available in detail through a Board of Equalization process and financial resources [1].


Goldman advocates for Fulton residents to have a say in budgeting allotment and be aware of how the county commission and services can contribute to more effective program investment [1].


Goldman supports fully funding the District Attorney’s office to solve the backlog of cases from the COVID-19 pandemic, employ a sufficient number of investigators, and prevent overworking attorneys [1].

Public Safety

Goldman believes in renovating the Fulton County Jail to prevent inhumane conditions for inmates. She also advocates for funding the Diversion Center at the Atlanta City Detention Center, which provides mental health and often inaccessible county services to jails [1].

Reproductive Rights

Goldman is pro-choice [4].


Stacey Evans, Georgia State Representative; Angelika Kausche, Georgia State Representative; Josh McLaurin, Georgia State Representative; Shea Roberts, Georgia State Representative; Georgia Equality; VoteProChoice


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