Manga Anantatmula

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Anantatmula graduated from Agra University, now named Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, in India. After graduation, Anantatmula and her family immigrated to the U.S. Later on, Anantatmula studied at the George Washington University School of Business. Since 2005, Anantatmula has been a contractor and has worked on various projects with the federal government. In 2020, Anantatmula ran for and won Virginia’s 11th Congressional District Republican nomination but lost to Gerald Connolly in the general election. 

Key Issues


Anantatmula believes that parents must be allowed to know and be fully engaged with what their children are being taught in school. To allow for more school options, Anantatmula advocates for school choice with a coupon. Also referred to as “school vouchers,” this allows funds dedicated to a student for public schools to follow that student no matter what institution they go to. Anantatmula is for meritocracy in education.


Anantatmula is for free-market capitalism. Anantatmula also advocates for a reduction to the national debt. Anantatmula believes that the government should help the economy in times of economic depression.


Anantatmula is pro-life.

Policing and Criminal Justice

Anantatmula supports police officers and believes that they must be given the necessary authority to stop and prevent crime. Anantatmula also believes that reform to the criminal justice system is overdue.

Military Expenditure

Anantatmula believes significant investment in the military is needed. Anantatmula advocates that this funding be dedicated to the nuclear deterrent, special operational forces, and the U.S.’s close allies.


Anantatmula believes that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) fails to meet the needs of veterans. Anantatmula advocates for better management of the VA and increased support for veterans. 


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Manga Anantatmula for Congress