Marilou Estes

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


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Key Issues


Estes wants to limit political polarization in education. She believes in retaining teachers and students in the district to keep a high quality education for the students [1,3]. 


Estes opposes banning books in the classroom because she believes it negatively impacts education [3].


Estes wants to increase communication to understand teacher attrition and maintain teachers in the CUSD district. She hopes to listen to community partners in decisions made by the school board [4]. 


Estes wants to create programs and support the LGBTQ+ student community and their parents [4].

Mental Health

Estes wants to reform and fine-turn currently existing mental health services for CUSD students based on previous research in the field [4].


Arizona Save our Schools


1 SanTan Sun
2 Official Website
3 Blog For Arizona
4 Chandler of Commerce