Mario Chicas

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Mario Chicas graduated with a BS in Business and Marketing and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. Currently, Chicas is an Account Representative at Motion Industries [3]. He is a former Drug Enforcement Agency Agent [4], having served 2 years in Puerto Rico from 2009-2011 before moving to Gilbert [2].

Chicas has served at his local church for 10 years and has been involved in several community activities [1]. He became an essential worker during the COVID-19 Pandemic [2].

Key Issues

Gun Policy

Chicas is pro-Second Amendment [2].

Public Safety

Chicas supports engaging and providing resources to first responders [2] and exploring options for a crime lab [1].

Reproductive Rights

Chicas is pro-life [2].


Chicas supports working with local churches and organizations to help the residents [2] and a TNR program to mitigate cats on public property. He has worked with his local church for 10 years [1].


Chicas does not support vaccine and mask mandates [7].


Chicas supports limiting the tax burden on Gilbert residents [1] and spending the $515 million bond where there is a return on the investment [7].


Chicas is against teaching “Critical Race Theory.” He believes parents should teach kids sensitive subjects when they deem appropriate [2].


Chicas supports owner-occupied homes [8]. He does not support building more apartments [1] to ensure affordable housing [7].


Chicas supports widening roads [6] and prioritizing projects to improve traffic flow. He supports prioritizing signal optimization and street projects for wider roads and easier transportation [7].


  • Organizations
    • Arizona Free Enterprise Club
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