Markus Ceniceros

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


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Key Issues


Ceniceros wants to ensure that the district has a budget that invest in the district’s teachers and students [1].


Ceniceros says that he will work with the governing board on finding ways to bring green energy to the district such as electric buses rather than diesel and solar panels to campuses [1]. He also want to create a tradition in the district where students and educators plant trees [2].


In order to protect rights of teachers, Littleton wants to adopt a meet and confer process, which would call for annual meetings between representatives of the Littleton Education Association and the governing board. He believes it will strengthen the relationship between the governing board and educators, and giving educators more say in the district. Ceniceros also hopes for this to be the solution towards increasing teacher retention [2].

Parent Involvement

He says he will find ways to communicate transparently to community parents, staff, and students to ensure that the  community can have a say and be up to date on the decisions that are affecting their children’s future [2].


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