Martin J. Misjuns

Key Facts

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Martin Misjuns has a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies and an MBA in Public Administration from Liberty University. He has also graduated from a paramedic program at Central Virginia Community College. He has taken personal education programs on Landmark in philosophy, communication, personal development, and psychology [15]. 

Misjuns is a veteran of the United States Coast Guard Reserve where he reached the rank of Chief Petty Officer. During his time there, Misjuns served as operations support, deployable specialized forces/armory support, law enforcement officer, certified instructor, and asset management [1, 15].

Misjuns was formerly an adjunct instructor for the Texas State University Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Program, a paramedic for Centra Health, a Chief Operations Officer for Rescue Task Force, a Realtor for Long and Foster Companies, and the President of MHM Construction [15].  

Misjuns was also Fire Captain for the city of Lynchburg, where he also worked in the Strategic Planning Committee, Health and Safety Committee, Accreditation Workgroup, Hostile Event Response Workgroup, and Data-Analysis Team [1, 15].  

Misjuns is director of the Lynchburg Fire Fighting Political Action Committee, director of the Fire Foundation, and former vice president of the Lynchburg Firefighters Association. He is a member of American Legion, Delta Mu Delta in the International Honors Society of Business, in which he was recognized for outstanding academic achievements during pursuit of M.B.A., Thomas Road Baptist Church, the Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement Association, the International Association of Fire Fighters, and the Lynchburg Fire Fighters Association. He has also volunteered building homes for disabled veterans and trying to improve the public safety system in Lynchburg [1, 15].

Key Issues


Misjuns disagrees with lockdowns. He is anti-mask and anti-vaccine, believing that both are dangerous and harmful. He opposes United States’ infectious disease institutions like the CDC [2].


Misjuns seeks to recruit new business and industry while providing a pro-growth environment for businesses and industry already in Lynchburg. He seeks to use restrained fiscal policy, cut taxes that are currently creating a budget surplus in Lynchburg, and eliminate wasteful spending. He believes the City Council should provide relief to citizens struggling to make ends meet. Misjuns disagrees with the Inflation Reduction Act [3, 14].


Misjuns seeks to hold the school board accountable for the spending of tax dollars and the allocation of money, increase parental rights and involvement in education, and understand why Lynchburg schools have been lacking. He believes in prioritizing academics over bureaucracy [2, 14].


Misjuns seeks to remove the “woke agenda” from local government [16].

Gun Policy

Misjuns supports gun rights and the second amendment [2, 16].


Misjuns sued the City of Lynchburg after allegedly posting transphobic cartoons on his social media, claiming that the city undertook adverse employment action against him because of the post, opposing his freedom of speech. Misjuns disagrees with the Equality Act. Misjuns believes that there are two sexes and that gender is an unchangeable characteristic [4, 7, 9, 10, 11].


Misjuns supports Trump and opposes President Biden [2].

Reproductive Rights

Misjuns is pro-life. He believes that abortions are a form of eugenics [2].

Public Safety

Misjuns seeks to prevent unnecessary violence and death by finding the cause of the increase in crime, doing a review of Lynchburg’s entire public safety system, properly staffing police, fire, and emergency departments, and building a positive relationship between public servants and city. He seeks to decrease crime by funding the commonwealth’s attorney’s office [14, 16].

Civil Rights

Misjuns opposes Black Lives Matter and believes that it is a communist plan tied to China [2].


Lynchburg Republican City Committee


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