Matt Stoll

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status: Challenger


Matt Stoll is a retired Navy F-18 fighter pilot and carried out 44 combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan over 20 years of service. He is now a decorated US Naval Officer and operates several small businesses in Tulare County, such as property management, yard and tree care, and construction services.
Stoll lives in Visalia, California, with his son and is the coach of Cal Ripken Youth Baseball. He is a member of St. Mary’s Catholic School in Visalia and supports the Boy Scouts of America, the Wounded Warrior Foundation, and the Tailhook Education Foundation.

Key Issues


Stoll vows to oppose progressive policies that adversely affect local families. He wants to help businesses navigate regulations on private businesses and the bureaucracy. 


Stoll believes abortion should be a choice for women.


Stoll wants to preserve entrepreneurial innovation, a capitalist economy, and hard work. 


Stoll supports increased water storage in local aquifers for agriculture and people living in cities and rural areas. He wants to manage current resources better so all regions of the state have equal priority.

Green Energy

Stoll believes that solar power, hydroelectric power, renewable natural gas, electric cars, and nuclear power are all solutions for renewable energy. However, he thinks that instead of completely shifting away from fossil fuels, consumers should choose solutions that fit their needs and budgets.


Stoll supports innovative ideas and the work ethic of immigrants, and supports the federal government ensuring legal immigration. He wants increased border security, such as extensions for fencing along the Mexican border, and less costly, more accessible processes for citizenship and legal immigration.


Matt Stoll for Congress



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