Matthew Chappell

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


After graduating from high school, Chappell enlisted in the military as an infantryman. At 18, Chappell was deployed in Iraq. Later on during his Army career, he transitioned to working in counterintelligence until 2016 when he finished serving. After his time in the army, Chappell became a police officer for three years. Later, he began working as a contractor in Afghanistan for various task forces and later as a National Security Advisor for the Department of Defense. Chappell graduated from American Military University in 2021.

Key Issues


Chappell believes that local school curriculum should be overseen by parents. He is also against Critical Race Theory. 


Chappell aims to ensure veterans quicker, improved access to health care.

Reproductive Rights

Chappell is pro-life. He supports legislation prohibiting taxpayer funding for abortion and bills to protect infants born alive after a failed abortion procedure.

Gun Policy

Chappell supports the Second Amendment right to bear arms.


Chappell believes new technology has weakened the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures of property. Chappell supports legislation mandating the federal government to conduct reviews of these technologies to ensure they do not violate the amendment.


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Matthew Chappell for Congress