Maureen Brody

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
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Maureen Brody attended the University of Maryland to get a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Economics and took and passed comprehensive exams for master’s degree early but didn’t complete the last two classes for the full degree. Brody is a news and copy chief at Leader’s Edge Magazine with the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers, a freelance copy editor with the American Immunization Registry Association, a copy editor and freelance writer with Money-Media which a Financial Times company, a managing editor at Aartrijk, and the owner of Brody Editing Services. She served as the PTA president of Lewis High School (then Lee High School) [1, 2, 4].

Key Issues


Brody wants to focus resources on academics and security while cutting excess spending. She wants to conduct an independent audit of Fairfax County Public Schools’ finances [1].


Brody wants to add back languages, accelerated learning, and academic clubs and programs in order to address academic and extracurricular “deserts” in the county [1]. 


Brody theorizes that Dylan Mulvaney being selected for The Ellen Show and The Price Is Right several years before transitioning and becoming an influencer was not a coincidence [3].

Parental Involvement

Brody believes that parents are the “primary governors” of their children’s education [1, 3]. 


Brody wants to put high-speed internet, vocational technology, working HVAC, and accessible clean water in every school. Brody believes that while public education is useful, other options such as homeschooling are also useful [1, 3].


Fairfax GOP


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