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Max Steiner was raised in Sacramento, California, and is a fifth-generation Californian. He served in the US Army and was stationed in Sadr City, Western Baghdad, and Kirkuk. He served as an infantryman in Iraq for 2 years and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree. In 2012, he joined the Foreign Service as an economic generalist. In Washington, DC, he worked with the USDA and USAID on food security support for the UN; in 2019, he started working towards obtaining a Ph.D. in Policy Analysis in RAND. Steiner currently lives in Chico with his wife. 

Key Issues


Steiner wants to allocate 8 billion federal dollars to forestry and water projects in California. He wants to manage forests by altering the NEPA process to allow large-scale forest management plans.


Steiner wants to spend $1 billion a year to help the timber industry by subsidizing start-up costs.


Steiner wants to fund more dams to help with California’s water crisis. He wants to shift focus to ground water and he supports the federal government’s involvement in California state efforts to balance groundwater use.



Steiner wants to support farmers overcome bureaucratic red-tape. He proposes an amendment to the Immigration and Nationality Act to allow Foreign Agricultural Service officers to revoke visas from foreign nationals who impede the sale of overseas agricultural products from the US. 


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