Max White

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Key Issues


White believes that the city of Avondale has continued to function well despite the firing of its city manager because of the interim city manager and previously existing deputies. She wants to find the same qualities in a city manager as those listed in the “Ideal Candidates” section of the recruitment brochure, which entail “personal financial fortitude, responsibility and stability.” [3]


White hopes to blend the culture of farming along with other cultures in Avondale’s history using the large amount of advisory boards and committees used to plan events. Also, she wants to encourage sustainable farming at the local level [3].


During her time on the Neighborhood and Family Commission, White has discussed Avondale’s action plan for funding activities required by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. She hopes to incentivize the city’s first responders and in the future, all employees, to live and work in Avondale [3].


White wants to become involved in the city’s Public Works department to diversify its energy production to accommodate a growing demand for water. She hopes to increase the amount of wind, solar, and hydropower production [3].


White is concerned about the lack of voter registration in Avondale and hopes to encourage political participation within the town. She hopes to provide residents with information to register to vote and learn about the political process [3].


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