Maynard L. Keller Jr.

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Maynard Keller is a graduate of Bob Jones University, earning a BA and then an MA in Bible study [7]. Keller has spent more than 20 years developing his financial planning firm Financial Planning, Inc., and is the current president. Keller also serves as an elder and treasurer at his local synagogue called the Hope of Israel Congregation [2].

Keller has been labeled as a Republican under VPAP [6].

Key Issues

Public Safety

Keller argues that in order to address crime and incentivize officers to join, the starting pay for police officers should increase to $55,000. He believes the equipment of the current police force should be updated [4].

Gun Policy

Keller is a strong proponent of open carry for Roanoke, advocating for the removal of fees for open carry. Keller disagrees that gun buybacks are a solution to issues regarding gun violence and gun-free zones. Instead, Keller believes in the availability of guns for self-defense. Keller is against gun control [4].


Keller believes that Roanoke should have a school board to address the demand for electricians and physical education teachers, as well as the rising rate of kids using electronics at school [4].


Keller wants to lower real estate taxes and proposes basing them on variables such as assessed value and social security. Keller also believes that the Business Professional Occupational License (BPOL) should be eliminated, as he argues that it hurts small businesses. He wants to remove the Business Personal Property Tax, which taxes businesses for equipment used in the company such as machinery, vehicles, and tools. Keller plans to demand an audit of the money relating to the Storm Utility Fee Tax if elected [4].


Keller argues Roanoke needs improved infrastructure and hopes to use his power as Council Member to review every street to infer whether new sidewalks or repavement are necessary. This process would also be open to the public, allowing residents to see repavement schedules [4].


Keller is against the current system of filling Council Member vacancies, where council members choose the new member themselves. Keller proposes a system in which, if there is ever a vacancy in the Council, the runner-up of the election that vacancy was for would get the position, regardless of party lines. If the runner-up is not interested or for any other circumstance rejects the position, the next runner-up below them will be given the vacant position [4].

Reproductive Rights

Keller is pro-life [5].


Time Jones, Chief of Police, Roanoke City, Retired; Octavia Johnson Sheriff, Roanoke City, Retired


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