Meagan Hanson

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Megan Hanson earned her bachelor’s in political science and history, in addition to her law degree, at the University of Alabama. Hanson served one term as a Georgia State House Representative. Hanson, a career lawyer, then became executive director of Georgians for Lawsuit Reform.

Key Issues


Hanson wants to make the 2017 tax cuts permanent and reduce government spending.


Hanson wants to implement stronger immigration laws and strengthen the military to protect the U.S from foreign threats.


Georgia Rep. Bruce Williamson

R-Monroe, secretary of the Georgia House Republican Caucus, Several committee chairmen: Reps. Terry England, R-Auburn; of the House Appropriations Committee; Alan Powell, R-Hartwell, who chairs the Regulated Industries Committee; Richard Smith, R-Columbus, the Rules Committee chairman; and Don Parsons, who chairs the Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications Committee
Former GOP House Members Wendell Willard and Brett Harrell, Public Service Commission Members Tricia Pridemore and Jason Shaw