Melissa Lyons

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Melissa Lyons graduated from Northwestern University of Evanston, Illinois, and attended law school at Loyola University. In university, she participated in legal clinics in Hispanic, African American, and Korean communities. She also joined Loyola’s Black Law Students Association’s Thurgood Marshall Trial Advocacy Team, and, later, the school’s Byrne Trial Advocacy Team. Since 2006, Lyons has been a Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County, and for the last five years, she was assigned to the District Attorney’s Sex Crimes Division, including a two year tenure at Stuart House, where she prosecuted secual crimes against children. She was recently promoted to Deputy-in-Charge of the Compton Juvenile Division. She has been awarded the Michael P. Noyes Humanitarian Award by the District Attorney’s office in 2021. She is a coach of the Loyola Law School Byrne Trial Advocacy Team, and is an assistant teacher of capoeira. She is a former board member of the Global Girl Project [2].

Key Issues

Public Safety

Lyons wants to ensure everyone in the courtroom is treated with fairness and dignity. She wants to diversify the perspective of judicial officers [2, 3].


Los Angeles Times; Martin Luther King Jr. Democratic Club, National Women’s Political Caucus; Silver Echo Feliz Democracy Club (SEFDC); Chinese American Political Action Committee (IAPAC); Northeast Democratic Club; Local 721 SEIU; East Area Progressive Democrats (EAPD); Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley (DPSFV); Stonewall Democratic Club; Association of Deputy District Attorneys (ADDA); ATSEI B-192; West LA Democratic Club; Los Angeles County Federation of Labor; Democrats for Neighborhood Action; Democratic Alliance for Action, Santa Clarita, CA; San Pedro Democratic Club; Los Angeles African American Women PAC (LAAAW); Avance L.A. Democratic Club; American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations; Long Beach Democratic Club (LBD); New Frontier Democratic Club (NFDC); North Valley Democratic Club of Los Angeles – Valley Dems; Beach CIties Democrats; Santa Monica Democratic Club; Mexican American Bar Association; Hon. Maria Lucy Armendariz; Hon. Terry A. Bork; Hon. Robert G. Chu; Hon. Shannon K. Cooley; Hon. Maria Andrea Davalos; Hon. Diego H. Edber; Hon. Drew E. Edwards; Hon. Carol Williams Elswick; Hon. Mark Hanasono; Hon. Mildred Escobedo; Hon. Miguel Espinoza; Hon. Christopher J. Frisco; Hon. Karen Ackerson Gauff; Hon. Hector E. Gutierrez; Hon. Lynn M. Hobbs; Hon. Clay H. Jacke II; Hon. Ray G. Jurado; Hon. Lana S. Kim; Hon. Renee Korn; Hon. Bernie LaForteza; Hon. Teresa Magno; Hon. Adan Montalban; Hon. Steve Morgan; Hon. Carol J. Najera; Hon. Reginald Neal; Hon. Ricardo Ocampo; Hon. Sam Ohta; Hon. Benny Osorio (Ret.); Hon. Sherry Powell; Hon. Maria May Santos; Hon. Wendy Segall; Hon. Norm Shapiro; Hon. Douglas Sortino; Hon. Kevin Stennis; Hon. Robert C. Vanderet; Hon. Mary Lou Villar; Hon. Laura Walton; Hon. John C. Weller; Hon. Scott A. Yang; Hon. Lowynn Young


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