Melody Holehan-Kopas

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Melody Holehan-Kopas earned her BA in Deaf Education, BA in Spanish Education, and her MA in Deaf Education. Before running, she worked as a teacher for the deaf and a teacher librarian in the Deer Valley Unified School District [1]. Holehan-Kopas won the 2019 Arizona School Librarian of the Year Award [4].

Key Issues


Kopas hopes to build relationships with elected officials in charge of finance and seek other forms of revenue; bonds, grants, business partnerships, etc. [1].


Kopas’ plan to address socioeconomic inequalities and other barriers within the school system is to analyze the data taken by DVUSD and have administrators work closely with parents to solve any possible issues [1]. 


Kopas wants to address overcrowding of classrooms by readdressing the school boundaries to balance the student-to-teacher ratio [1].




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