Menachem Raitport

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenager


Raitport is an emergency medical technician and a small business owner currently. Raitport is a longtime Crown Heights resident and is known as Mendy to his friends.

Key Issues


Raitport aims to make the local economy flourish with better education and constructive after school care programs.


Raitport supports affordable housing, a cap on property taxes, and tenant protection.


Raitport wants to improve and create new publicly funded clinics with better services.

Women's Rights

Raitport wants to ensure that police forces and businesses are properly trained to combat domestic violence, discrimination, and sexual harassment. Ratirpot will also implement solutions for single parents and working mothers so they get the public assistance ncessary to overcome hardships.

Social Programs

Raitport will create new community outreach and events services that are inclusive of and cater to every resident andbusiness.


Crown Heights PAC, Jewish Press Newspaper