Michael A. Rivera

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Michael Rivera attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and obtained a BS in Engineering and a Master of Engineering. He worked in the IT industry for about fifteen years and has also worked for the Discovery Channel as well as for Clark Construction. Rivera is now a certified law enforcement officer for the Commonwealth of Virginia and works for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office [2]. He has also worked as a senior project manager and as a public relations specialist [3].

Key Issues

Civil Rights

Rivera opposes the intentional recruitment and hiring of diverse school staff and believes it is a form of racism [4]. Rivera was against the Loudoun County School Board’s apology for its documented history of segregation in its public schools and said, “this ‘apology to Blacks’ feeds into mob coercion” [6, 9].


Rivera believes the members of the Loudoun County School Board currently behave as a political body and says the Board’s agenda is driven by some of the members’ beliefs and political aspirations [8].


Rivera wants the School Board to stop discussing LGBTQIA+-related topics, particularly those concerning gender [2].


Rivera wants parents to have a greater say in school-related issues. He believes it is inappropriate for students to have personal conversations with teachers and wants the student-teacher relationship to become more formal. Rivera also hopes to implement county-level testing to determine competency and master of subjects, on top of the current SOL testing. He wants to encourage parents to participate in remedial tutoring for their children if they are not proficient [2].

Rivera believes that actions such as the lowering of graduation standards and allowing students to retake tests as many times as necessary result in children graduating high school without appropriate reading or arithmetic skills. He also wants to recognize students at the top of their class. Riviera believes the discussion of topics such as racism and its history in schools serve to make more money for scholars such as Ibram Kendi or Robin DiAngelo [2].

Riviera is in favor of the removal of sexually explicit content from school libraries [10].


Loudoun County Republican Committee


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