Michael Carpinelli

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Mike Caarpinelli is a sheriff from Lowville, New York.  After growing up in Kingston, New York, and graduating from Kingston High School in 1982, he enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve.  After completing his service eight years later, he decided to begin a career in law enforcement in his hometown, and then continuing his career in Rochester New York. During his time as a police officer, he racked up many awards, including the Excellence in Police Service Award, the Chiefs Letter of Recognition Award and the New York State Constitutional Sheriff’s Award.  He later retired from the RPD in 2006 and became a sheriff in Lewis County.  Recently, he has gotten in a little bit of controversy for using his position as an officer to write a letter requesting a judge for leniency for a friend who was at the Capital riots – this has led him to undergo ethical review.

Key Issues


Carpinelli has stated that he is for freedom of choice especially for the current mask and vaccine mandates.  He is not in favor of required mask mandates and vaccinations in transportation, job requirements and school.  He’s also in favor of reopening schools with less restrictions.


Carpinelli feels like in this current climate, the government implementing a rules-based order would be the way to decrease the amount of illegal immigrants in this country


Carpinelli is not in favor of state regulations on cryptocurrency

Gun Control

Carpinelli is not in favor of the passage of the recent SAFE act (an act that stops those who are mentally ill frompurchuasing guns) because he heels it stops people’s right to protecting their home.


Carpinelli has stated that he is pro-life


State Party Chair Nick Langworthy