Michael Clark

Key Facts

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Michael Clark graduated from Northern Arizona University with a BS in Speech Communication and minor in Business [1]. Currently, Clark is the president of Digital Illustrations LLC and AW Sales LLC [10].

Previously, he has been involved politically as a valet to Congressman Albert Lee Smith during his US Senate Campaign and Precinct Committee person for LD 13. Clark has also held positions as Inaugural Golf Tournament Chairman and a member of the First United Methodist Church. Currently, Clark is a member of the Arizona Community Church [2].

Key Issues

Public Safety

Clark supports building a Crime Lab in Gilbert [1]. He supports increasing Gilbert’s jail capacity and starting a Police Equestrian Team [2].


Clark supports funding Gilbert’s museum, arts, and culture and working with local animal agencies about a TNR program to mitigate the number of stray cats [1]. Clark encourages residents to visit HD South to support Gilbert’s Heritage. He also supports Gilbert’s 3-year “City of Future” project [2].


Clark supports scheduling listening sessions [2] with residents and business owners [3].


Clark does not support further apartment development past 3% of Gilbert’s land mass [1] and supports a commerce plan to secure companies and add multifamily housing [8]. He wants to develop affordable housing programs for police, fire, and first responders with a down payment loan [1] or endowment account [7].


Clark supports the Reserve Fund for infrastructure and repairs. He wants to add road repair trucks and improve infrastructure and parking at the Northwest Corridor [2]. Clark believes in developing a spiderweb shuttle service network for small buses, vans, and bikes. He supports adding more pickup locations and services for local attractions [6].

Social Programs

Clark supports the building of a Family Advocacy Center to help people who have experienced traumatic events [1] and working on ADA projects and policy. He wants to develop programs for residents looking to participate in trade professions [9].


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