Michael Finn

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Michael Finn graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s Degree and from the University of Phoenix with an MBA. Finn was previously the Chief Financial Officer of the Peoria Unified School District [4]. He is also currently a Chief Human Resources Officer for Pueblo Mechanical & Controls [3]. As a  Peoria Councilman, Finn contributed to Peoria being rewarded with an AAA bond rating from Moodys, which is the highest rating [1]. As the Chief Financial Officer of the PUSD, he managed a staff of over 400 people and a budget of $200 million, which he says contributes to the district’s “stellar reputation” [2]. Since January 2020, he has been the Vice Mayor of Peoria [6].

Key Issues

Public Safety

As a member of the council, Finn supported policies that increased funding to the city’s police and fire by almost $3M this year [1]. He wants to ensure that first responders have adequate resources to aid businesses [5].


Finn supports strong fiscal management and policies, which he believes is necessary in increasing funding for public services in the city [1]. He also wants to reduce tax breaks for large interstate corporations, instead of previously existing small businesses/ Finn is also generally supportive of existing low tax structures [5].


Finn supports policies that increase the available transportation infrastructure: synchronized traffic lights, turning lanes, and bus pull outs to ensure less congestion in Peoria’s roads [5].


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