Michael Lamonea

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Michael “Mike” Lamonea majored in criminal justice at the University of Scranton. Previously, Lamonea served as a special agent in the DHS, where he coordinated dignitary protection and led initiatives to combat human trafficking [2,4]. In 2022, Lamonea was appointed by Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin to chair a new commission to prevent human trafficking [3]. Lamonea currently serves on the boards of the Great Bridge Rotary Club, Chesapeake Youth Committee, and Chesapeake Youth Foundation [4]. 

Key Issues


Lamonea believes accountability is important in maintaining the integrity of school systems [1]. 

Public Safety

Lamonea wants to increase early identification of security threats in schools. Lamonea previously expressed support for a new bill requiring more crimes to be reported to law enforcement. During his tenure as a special agent for ICE, Lamonea partnered with the Commonwealth’s Attorney General to decrease human trafficking instances in Hampton [5]. 


Republican Party of Chesapeake; Rick West, Mayor of Chesapeake; John de Triquet, Vice Mayor of Chesapeake and City Council Member; Victoria Proffitt, Commissioner of the Revenue and former School Board chairperson


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