Michael Schraft

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status incumbent


Micheal Schraft is a resident of Angola, New York. He has previously served in the military, becoming a decorated Air Force Veteran. He has also attended Buffalo State for his BA, Binghamton University for his MPA, SUNY at Buffalo for his Ph.D., and has worked as Upstate Director of Helmets to Hard Hats. In 2018, Schraft won his race, becoming an Evans City Councilman.

Key Issues


Schraft has shown his support for the Shoreline Trail Project, which will give residents another way of transporting Grandview Bay and Point Breeze, reduce autodependency and promote tourism.


As a Councilman, Schraft wants to extend the Shoreline Trail in order to provide children a safer way to an elementary school.

Public Safety

Schraft has stated previously that he will work replace vacant properties (aka zombie properties) in hopes of helping property values and public safety.


Schraft has previously stated that he will work to eliminate fraud in many aspects of the town.


Shraft has previously stated that he would work to use taxes generated from the town in a smart manner and on matters that mean the most to the community.