Michelle M. Suttle

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Michelle M. Suttle graduated from the United States Air Force Academy with a BS and is a U.S. Air Force veteran. Suttle has a master’s degree in business administration and information management. Currently, Suttle works as a Chief Risk Officer at QinetiQ. She has held leadership positions in business operations, project management, governance, and other areas. Additionally, Suttle has served on the USO Service Council and the National Military Family Association Board of Advisors [1, 2].

Key Issues


Suttle wants to use taxpayer money wisely through eliminating wasteful expenses and reducing the tax burden. She also supports transparency about how tax money is being spent [1].


Suttle wants to engage the community through town halls, listening sessions, and other outreach methods; she believes that decisions should be made with the involvement of citizens [3].


Suttle supports business-friendly policies and incentives through partnerships with the Chamber of Commerce, industry associations, and the local business community and through investments that support business growth [1, 3].


Suttle advocates for support for teachers and school resource officers and the involvement of parents, as well as oversight of the school budget and increased wages for teachers [1, 3].


Suttle wants to incorporate residents and businesses when making land use decisions to mitigate issues such as safety, traffic, noice, and other nuisances [1, 3].

Public Safety

Suttle wants to support emergency response, community outreach programs, and local law enforcement. She also wants to implement proactive mental health and substance abuse treatment strategies [1].


Suttle wants to find better solutions for congestion, traffic flow, and traffic safety; additionally, she thinks the Metro and commuter buses are good alternative transportation options. She wants to reduce Greenway tolls and ensure pedestrian safety [1].


Loudoun County Republican Committee


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