Michelle Munroe

Key Facts


Munroe was born in Florida but has lived in many different places throughout her life due to her father being in the air force. She graduated from the University of Maryland with a nursing degree and started working as a Direct Commission Officer in the Army. Later, she earned her Master of Nursing and Midwifery through the Army and was deployed to Iraq. Currently, she is retired from the Army and resides in Coastal Georgia.

Key Issues

Healthcare and Reproductive Rights

Munroe wants to expand Medicaid in order to facilitate quality healthcare in rural communities. She believes this will lower maternal and infant mortality rates. 

Substance Abuse

Munroe wants to destigmatize substance abuse so that victims will be able to get help easier and educate the public more on substance abuse.



Munroe wants to enact clean energy and protect coastal Georgia, its waters, and its aquatic life. 




Munroe for Congress


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