Mike Collier

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Collier graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1984 where he received his MBA. Since then, he has worked as a CPA and auditor at PriceWaterHouseCoopers. In 2018, he founded the Energy and Renewables Transaction Advisory practice, where he works with corporations and private equity funds investing responsibly in the future of renewable energy.

Key Issues

Funding Public Schools

Collier wants to increase funding for public schools, increase pay for educators, and end budget cuts for education. His stance is purely in support of public education – not for charter schools or vouchers. 

Fix the Power Grid

Collier seeks to invest in our critical infrastructure in a way that benefits Texas families as opposed to large corporations. Furthermore, Collier believes in investing in renewable energy and preparing our grid for future climate catastrophes. 

Climate Change

Mike Collier aims to set Texas as a leader in the fight against Climate Change through investments in smart grid technology, renewables and low carbon processes. Furthermore, he supports policies that would reduce methane releases and flaring. 

Criminal Justice Reform

Collier supports the legalization of Marijuana so that more Texans can get back to work as opposed to serving time for nonviolent, minor crimes. Furthermore, he also supports red flag laws and ending permitless carry. 


Collier believes that women should be in charge of making choices for their own health and destinies as per their constitutional rights. 


Collier wants to hold the line of property tax and sales tax increases and instead make corporations responsible for paying their fair share. He also aims to end loopholes that shift the tax burden from corporations to Texan families. 


James Talarico, state representative from the 52nd district 

John Bucy III, state representative from the 136th district

Gene Wu, state representative from the 137th district

Donna Howard, state representative from the 48th district

Terry Canales, state representative from the 40th district

Enrique Rodriguez, state representative from the 51st district

Wendy Davis, former state senator from the 10th district

Alex Dominguez, state representative from the 37th district 


Texas Federation of Teachers

Stonewall Democrats

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The Austin Chronicle 

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