Misty D. Whitehead

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Misty Whitehead earned a BA in political science from Virginia Commonwealth University and a JD from the William and Mary School of Law. Whitehead served in the US Army from 1994 to 1998, reaching the rank of sergeant by the time of her discharge, and began her work in law as an associate attorney with Williams Mullen in 2004. Whitehead currently works as the founding and lead attorney of JustLaw, PLLC, a law firm based out of Richmond. Whitehead is a mother of three [1, 2, 5].

Whitehead was recognized in 2023 as a recipient of Virginia Lawyers Weekly Influential Women in Law Award, and serves as a board member of JusticeForwardVA and the MetroRichmondWomen’sBarAssociation [1].

Key Issues


Whitehead wants to limit overdevelopment of the Three Chopt area and to increase the amount of green spaces in the area. Whitehead supports the adoption of a comprehensive Climate Action Plan in order to outline a community response to these issues [1].


Whitehead wants to increase diversity in the socioeconomic stratification of housing in Henrico County, and ensure there is an adequate supply of rental units available to Henirco residents in responding to the current housing crisis [1].


Whitehead wants to protect senior populations by creating defensive measures against the threats of insecure housing, inadequate medical care, and elder abuse [1].


Henrico County Democrats


1 Misty for Three Chopt 

2 JustLaw, PLLC 

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6 Henrico Citizen