N. Baxter Ennis

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Ennis graduated from Campbell University in 1975 with a BS in history and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, serving in the First Gulf War and Panama Invasion and rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel by his retirement after 22 years in 1997. Ennis also graduated from the University of George with a MA in journalism in 1987. Following his retirement from service, Ennis became Director of Public and University Relations at Regent University and Publisher/CEO of The Citizen of Chesapeake, a local monthly newspaper delivered to over 22,500 homes and businesses in Chesapeake, VA [3].

Ennis is also a self-published author of When Leadership Mattered: Inspiring Stories of 12 People Who Changed the World, a self-help book he regularly speaks about in the community. Ennis also serves on the Board of the Chesapeake Hospital Authority and works as president of the Chesapeake Rotary Club and Hampton Roads Leadership Prayer Breakfast. Ennis has also served on the Mayors Commission on Veteran Affairs, and this is his first attempt at obtaining public office [1, 3].

Key Issues


Ennis wants to reform abortion policy in Virginia to a 15-week limit with exceptions for cases of rape, incest, and when the life of the mother is threatened, and supports legislation that will improve the quality of adoption and foster care infrastructure [1].


Ennis wants to limit the influence of political ideology in public school education and is specifically against programs such as Critical Race Theory [1].

Gun Policy

Ennis wants to prevent any attempts made by the government to infringe on the constitutional rights to bear arms [1].


Ennis wants to protect veterans by ensuring they have good-paying jobs, efficient skill trainings, and quality healthcare, and wants to cut taxes from veterans’ pensions [1].


J. Randy Forbes (Former Congressman, R VA-4), Michele Bachmann (Former Congresswoman, R MN-6), John Cosgrove (Former Virginia Senator, R VA-14), John de Triquet (Vice Mayor of Chesapeake), Rick West (Mayor of Chesapeake)


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