Nadarius E. Clark

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Clark graduated from Virginia Union University in 2019 with a BFA in music and theater, working as an assistant manager at a Suffolk 7-Eleven for the majority of his education. Clark also worked as a marketing manager with PostalAnnex+, a brand ambassador with Richmond Window Corporation, a radio host with 94.7 The Link in Newport News, and as a community outreach coordinator with Gateway Support Services [7].

In politics, Clark has worked as a field organizer with the Democratic Party of Virginia, as well as a Regional Operations Director with both the Bloomberg and Biden 2020 Presidential Campaigns. Clark was elected as Delegate for Virginia’s 79th District in 2022, and served for a year and 3 months until resigning from his post as a result of his moving to Virginia’s 84th District in Suffolk in March 2023 [1, 2, 4].

Key Issues


Clark wants to support the development of Tidewater’s infrastructure through creating jobs and directly investing into local communities, especially those negatively affected by the continued legacy of racial redlining of Tidewater neighborhoods [1].


Clark has previously supported full funding measures for public schools and wants to raise teacher pay throughout Virginia, as well as supporting the development of stronger secondary vocational schools [1].


Clark supports measures for financial reparations to descendents of slaves, and also supports initiatives to utilize the marijuana industry to directly invest in traditionally impoverished communities. Clark also wants to replace existing confederate monuments with statues of African-American leaders from Virginia’s past [1].

Mental Health

Clark wants to create more mental health resources in Virginia schools and hospitals as well as creating incentives for a stronger mental health workforce [1].

Public Safety

Clark wants to support the creation of a strong and effective police force in Hampton Roads, as well as the banning of assault weapons and the implementation of universal background checks without infringing on the individual right to bear arms [1].


Democratic Party of Virginia, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia


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