Naoufal Houjami

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Naoufal Houjami has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a master’s degree in Strategy from the PolyFinance Institute [1]. From August 2010 to November 2016, he was the Texas Chairman and US National Executive Committee Vice Chairman for the Modern Whig Institute [1]. He previously ran in the 2019 Houston Mayoral Election and the 2022 Harris County Commissioners Court Judge Election [3]. Additionally, Houjami was a US National Security Strategist and is a member of the Center for Strategic & International Studies [2].

Key Issues


Houjami wishes to create a mortgage payment assistance program for middle-income and low-income individuals [2].


Houjami would like to improve disaster recovery and create better resilience programs [2].


Houjami wants to improve the transparency between the government and its citizens, as well as review the ethical practices inside the government [2].

Public Safety

Houjami supports investing in “disadvantaged” neighborhoods to reduce gun violence. He would also like to require universal background checks and mandatory training and licensing in order for an  individual to purchase a gun. Additionally, he says he will “ensure” that all officers are held accountable for their actions [2].


Houjami would like to fix any unfunded liabilities and the budget deficit [2].



Houjami wants to build a nuclear reactor in Houston by 2035 and support the energy industry by investing in the “EZ PROCESS” [2].


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