Natalie Lough

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Natalie Lough received her B.A. from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a law degree from the Chapman University School of Law. Since 2007 she has worked as a Riverside County Deputy District Attorney in the Riverside County District Attorney Office, where she handles cases regarding theft and assault felonies, sexual assault, child molestation, and homicide. She previously served as an appellate prosecutor for the California Supreme Court, the Fourth District Court of Appeal, and the Appellate Division of the Superior Court of Riverside County [4].

Key Issues

Criminal Justice

Lough supports the death penalty and mandatory sentencing laws, having won a case centered around the former and overturning a judicial plea bargain in a murder court case [1].

Public Safety

Lough wants to protect victims rights [1]. As a prosecutor, she has upheld that DUI cases are ineligible for any type of pretrial diversion [5], and that individuals convicted of commiting lewd or lavicious acts against children under the age of 14 (Section 288) are ineligible for pardons following certificates of rehabilitation [6].


Lough wants to expand public awareness of city policies and promote transparency using the California Public Records Act [1].


Michael Hestrin, District Attorney; Chad Bianco, Sheriff/Coroner; The Riverside County Deputy District Attorneys’ Association; The Riverside Sheriffs’ Association; The Corona Police Officers’ Association; The Desert Hot Springs Police Officers’ Association; The Hemet Police Officers’ Association; The Indio Police Officers’ Association; The Menifee Police Officers’ Association; The Murrieta Police Officers’ Association; The Palm Springs Police Officers’ Association; The Riverside County Gang Investigators’ Association; The Riverside Police Officers’ Association; The Val Verde Unified School District Police Officers’ Association; Jim Hensen, Chief of Police – Desert Hot Springs; The Fraternal Order of the Police, Lodge 8; Jeremy Smith, Mayor of Canyon Lake; Wes Speake; Mayor of Corona; Matas, Mayor of Desert Hot Springs; Clint Lorimore, Mayor of Eastvale; Dana Reed, Mayor of Indian Wells; Bill Zimmerman, Mayor of Menifee; Jonathan Ingram, Mayor of Murrieta; Matt Rahn, Mayor of Temecula; Ben Benoit, Mayor of Wildomar; Kevin Jeffries, County Supervisor; Karen Spiegel, County Supervisor; Chuck Condor, Riverside County City Council Member; Melissa Melendez, State Senator; Jeff Stone, Former State Senator; Emma C. Smith, The Honorable Judge 


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